Are you prepared to avoid a serious crash?

Ready-Assess is a simple, powerful way to diagnose and improve your crash-avoidance skills.
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“The blood test of safe driving”

It’s good evidence. Sometimes he has an exaggerated sense of his own abilities.  This was an independent arbiter saying ‘look, you have some things to work on’.

Susan — Parent

It actually helped our relationship.  Taking Ready-Assess confirmed what I was telling her, and helped her to understand what I was saying.  It was a plus all the way around.  Now she’s more open to what she needs to work on.

Toni — Parent

As a parent there are a number of things I can take away and discuss with my child.  I feel like it’s valuable information, and I love the links and tips.

Christine — Parent

This is the information I was looking for!

Carmen — Parent

You want to give your kid every tool to make good decisions.  When you’re teaching your teenager you’re not going to put yourself in situations where you face dangerous conditions.  This lets her experience things within the safety of a virtual driving test and not on the road.

Tina — Parent
Test your skills beyond basic driving lessons
The first few months of driving with a license are the riskiest.
Driving lessons may not expose you to common crash scenarios like driving too fast, following too close, and driving through curves.
Ready-Assess will safely expose you to these scenarios and test your ability to avoid crashes.
Ready-Assess is for all types of drivers, including:
Learner drivers, with or without an instructional permit
Learner drivers preparing for their road test
Licensed drivers with minimal experience
Immigrant drivers who are less familiar with local rules of the road
Senior drivers seeking an anonymous way to self-assess

Get credible, personalized feedback

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Learn about your ability to avoid serious crashes
A diagnostic test of your crash-avoidance and safe-driving skills
See how you performed compared to over 100,000 others who have taken our test
Get detailed feedback on how well you handled common crash scenarios
Identify specific areas of driving where you need to improve
Access personalized tips and content to help make you a safer driver:
Get suggestions about how you can better avoid crashes
Access free learning videos selected just for you, developed by our partners at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
How does it work?
Ready-Assess is a self-guided virtual driving test that you take using a steering wheel and pedals, in an office-based location.  Complete the test and you’ll receive a detailed and Personalized Feedback Report on your safe-driving and crash-avoidance skills.
Am I too old or too young for Ready-Assess to help?
Ready-Assess is for people of all ages and experience levels, including Seniors.  Our only suggestion is that a test taker be reasonably familiar with how to drive a car.
What if I don’t play or like video games?
You do NOT need to play or like video games to do well in our virtual driving test. People of all ages, interests, and experience levels take our test each day.
Where can I take Ready-Assess?
Ready-Assess is an office-based assessment, and we have a growing network of testing locations.  Find one near you.
When do I get my report?
We’ll send it to you right after you're finished.  Simply complete Ready-Assess and provide us with the email addresses where you want to receive your Personalized Feedback Report.
What’s in the Personalized Feedback Report?

Your report will provide information and guidance specific to how you drove in our test, including:

  • How you drove compared to over 100,000 others who have taken our test.
  • Detailed feedback on how well you handled common, serious crash scenarios.
  • Feedback on specific areas of driving where you most need to improve.
  • Tips, videos, and other effective safe-driving content.
What if I get a bad score?
There is no “pass” or “fail” for our test, and every driver has something they can work on.  We encourage you to share your results with a professional driving instructor, and to make the tips, videos, and other safe-driving content in your Personalized Feedback Report part of how you prepare to drive.
What is the science behind Ready-Assess?
Ready-Assess was developed by traffic safety scientists and in partnership with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  It’s proven to differentiate drivers by skills and experience. Learn more about our research here.
How much does Ready-Assess cost?
Ready-Assess is an affordable way to evaluate your crash-avoidance skills.  Our testing partners set their own prices, which range between $20 and $75.
This is a simulator and not in a real car. Will it really test my skills?
Ready-Assess was built and designed by road traffic safety researchers.  It is widely used in licensing, healthcare, and commercial settings to reliably test crash-avoidance skills.
Why not just get driving lessons with a professional driving instructor?
Lessons with a professional instructor may be a good choice for you.  However, the ability for instructors to expose you to the types of common crash scenarios that cause significant injury is limited.  With Ready-Assess, we can safely expose you to these types of scenarios and measure things about your driving that may be difficult to measure during lessons.
Will Ready-Assess help me pass my road test to get a driver’s license?
Ready-Assess is proven to predict road test results; however, we feel that Ready-Assess is a harder test than your typical road exam as it exposes you to driving conditions that are often difficult for examiners to test you in.
Who will have access to my results?
Only the individuals that you decide to share your feedback report with will have access to the results.  This could be your parents or your driving instructor.
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